The Big Blind, a Book Review

Posted by Ellis Shuman, October 13, 2014

big blindConsider this poker fans. It’s the final moments of a World Series of Poker bracelet event. One million dollars in prize money, all of it in one hundred dollar bills, has been placed on the tournament table between the two remaining contenders. The dealer is shuffling the cards and excitement is building. And then the power goes out. When the lights go back on in the Las Vegas casino, the stacks of cash are missing and a man lies dead on the floor next to the poker table.

This stunning scene is only part of the mystery that plays background to The Big Blind, a suspense novel by Nicolette Pierce. In the book we meet Nadia Wolf, a professional poker player who doesn’t hesitate to spend her total $10,000 in life savings on a WSOP buy-in, figuring that she’s got as good a chance as any at winning the million dollar first prize. When she’s not hustling other players at the casinos, Nadia makes ends meet by helping her friend at a wedding chapel where ceremonies are officiated by Elvis and Kermit the Frog impersonators.

But the poker gods are not being nice to Nadia. After a string of junk cards, she is eliminated from the tournament in the worst possible finishing position – the bubble. Side bet wagers and an unfortunate incident during a gig as an illusionist’s side kick throw Nadia literally into the arms of Greyson Miller, CEO of one of the biggest casinos in the city. Together, Nadia and Greyson, along with a cast of amusing supporting characters, must find the missing WSOP prize money as well as uncover a huge counterfeiting ring that threatens to bring down a casino empire.

Nadia can’t keep her hands off of Greyson, and here we’re not referring to poker hands. The two of them don’t hesitate to jump into bed together even while they’re in the midst of pursuing suspicious characters or escaping kidnappings and beatings. The action is hot (again, this doesn’t refer to the poker action), but not hot enough to make this an adult-only read.

Author Nicolette Pierce lives in Wisconsin with her husband, son, and Herbert the cat. She first learned about poker when her husband started playing online about six years ago. Nicolette told us that she enjoyed poker shows on television and she learned a lot about the game just by watching.

“I played in a few online tournaments and won one; I was thrilled,” Nicolette told us.

Nicolette’s descriptions of poker hands and players are spot-on, but don’t expect The Big Blind to be anything more than a fun read, not to be taken too seriously.

If you enjoy reading about Nadia Wolf’s escapades, those at the poker table and those chasing criminals and handsome men, you’ll be keen on reading the next book in the series, entitled High Stakes.




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