Improving Your Game with Moorman’s Book of Poker

Posted by Ellis Shuman, December 28, 2014

Moorman book of pokerBritish professional poker player Chris Moorman describes himself on his website as “the most accomplished online poker player in the world.” He’s not exaggerating. Moorman, known as Moorman1 online, has cashed for $11.8 million in tournament winnings and has been ranked #1 online player worldwide twenty times.

Proving that an accomplished online player can also make a name for himself away from a computer, Moorman has pocketed over $4 million at live events. In March 2014, he went home with $1,015,460 after winning the $10,000 No Limit Hold'em WPT LA Poker Classic Main Event.

Considering this amazing record, the ideal way of improving one’s poker game would be to have Moorman looking over your shoulder as you play, telling you what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

Moorman’s Book of Poker (D & B Publishing, 2014) is co-written by Moorman and Byron Jacobs, an avid poker fan who works full time running publishing companies and not playing poker professionally.

The format of Moorman’s Book of Poker is unique in that it describes how Jacobs plays a hand of online poker, and then follows up with Moorman’s analysis of the same hand. This is an extremely helpful way of learning and improving the thought process involved in each hand.

As poker legend Doyle Brunson says in the foreword to the book, “Chris also has the gift of being able to express his thought processes in a clear and concise fashion. He can immediately see the key factors in making a particular decision at the table and instinctively knows how to assess them and act upon them.”

“I’ve always wanted to give back to the community in some way,” Moorman says. “I think this book is a great teaching method, which will hopefully do just that.”

In a recent tweet Moorman acknowledged that the book is “best suited to intermediate players but even beginners can learn a lot from it.”

Jacobs confirms that the book is geared to players competing at $30 to $100 buy-in online events, “where the vast majority of serious and semi-serious players play their poker.”

The structure of the book provides a "good variety of hands ranging from early deep stack play and bubble play through to final table short stack play," all of them from online action.

As Jacobs describes it, “The play of the hand is given, and then I provide my own commentary and thoughts – including any reads on the table dynamics and the other players. I also articulate my thoughts about my own play and that of the Villains. Chris critiques the play and the analysis and gives his own take on the lines chosen, indicating what he considers to be the optimal lines. Finally, I provide a short conclusion, identifying what seems to me to be the key lesson of the hand.”

You would think that in many of the cases, Moorman would have nothing to add to how Jacobs played the hand, but that would be the wrong conclusion. “In almost every hand in this book (probably 90 percent or more), Chris finds a better line than the one I actually chose, and clearly explains the concepts,” Jacobs says.

"Long-term success in poker is based on the accumulation of small edges,” Jacobs says before presenting his game play for analysis. “There is no better player than Chris Moorman for demonstrating where those edges can be found."

Beginners may find it a bit difficult to follow the thought processes of Jacobs and Moorman, but for intermediate and advanced players, the step-by-step logic presented can be a valuable hands-on lesson quite helpful in improving one’s game.


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