Poker Comics Bring Laughter to the Table

poker comics

Poker comics are always fun to read, because they provide a humorous approach to the game. Seeing the action at the table taking place among cartoon characters makes one take the very real game of poker a little more lightly. If these comic players can joke about poker, why can't you?

poker comic an old hand

"An Old Hand". Meet the regulars at the weekly game. There's Pat with the pocket aces; Clarence the Card Counter; Harvey the Hellhound; Betty the Bombshell; and Stan the Sucker.

And then one day, a new guy rolls to the table on his wheelchair."Got room for one more?" he asks.

The regulars, thinking they can clean put this old guy's bankroll in no time, invite the newcomer to join them.

poker comic fish from the vallye

Fish from the Valleys. When Martin Jacobson won the 2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, and his $10m first prize, the Swedish shark had to chow down on a flood full of fish.

Have you ever wondered where they come from?

Well, some of them come from the Welsh Valleys.

I mean, what did you expect?

poker comic poker alice Poker Alice was a famous poker player in the American West. She stood out not only as one of the earliest women poker players, but also as one of the most well-known Old West gamblers. In fact, of all the Old West women to make their mark in history, Poker Alice was respected as an honest, hard-working businesswoman who didn't hesitate to defend her family and business interests.

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