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The Flash Poker version of Titanbet Poker's popular free software gives you the opportunity to play online poker without the hassle of downloads or installing software, so click here to play it. Wherever you surf the Net, even in Internet cafes or during your lunch break, you can instantly connect to Titanbet Poker and join in the action at our fast-paced free flash cash games and thrilling tournaments.


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Are you a Macintosh user? Does Linux power your computer?

Titanbet Poker is now available for Mac! With our Flash client you're part of the action as well and can play free flash games. Just click on our Flash button, and start playing flash poker.


Access Your Titanbet Poker Account Anywhere

With the Titanbet Poker java based Flash Poker version, you can access your account no matter where you are, and use your personal funds to sit down at Hold'em Poker games and tournament tables. In addition, you can play in Flash in a fun mode. Experience the excitement of online poker games entirely for free!

Titanbet Poker's Flash Poker Client was developed by Playtech with the ActionScript 3.0 language, the most advanced Adobe Flash programming language. The client allows using SSL encryption, making the communication between the client program and the server network more secure. Open a new account, or have your username and password ready so that you can login and play!

At this stage, our Flash client will give you access to Texas Hold'em tables. Other varieties of poker and casino games will be available in the future.


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Click and Play Now!

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So, what do you need to do to get started? Just click on the Flash button and start playing! You will need an updated Flash program on your computer, and you will need to allow pop up windows for the poker.titanbet.co.uk domain.

1. Users must enable pop-ups in order to play.

2. 500MHz or faster CPU.

3. At least 512 MB RAM.

4. Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 or newer operating system; Linux operating system.

5. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Firefox browsers (supported versions depend on operating system; 6.0 or higher is recommended).

6. Adobe Flash Player or newer.

Recommended: Pentium III, 1 GHz CPU or higher.

Recommended: At least 512 MB of RAM.

Recommended: 256 MB video card with 32-bit color (1024x768 or higher).


Alternatively, if this poker flash version is not for you, feel free to run a free poker download of the Titanbet Poker software. If you're searching for the Titanbet Poker android poker version, it's in development. We'll see you at the tables!


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Flash Poker Speeds Up Your Poker Game

Though legal hurdles have slowed the expansion of online poker in the U.S., the pace has only accelerated around the globe, as new technologies and techniques have made hitting the virtual felt as easy as 1-2-3. In the past, players were often forced to download large client browsers just to connect to their favorite online poker room. Now, with the emergence of Flash Poker, players can save the space on their PCs and still enjoy a rousing game of Texas Hold'em, Stud or Omaha whenever they want.

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A Blast in Your Browser
Like most games on the format, Flash Poker is a browser-friendly application that players can try without having to download or install any software. So long as you are running a current version of the flash software on whichever web browser you may be using, you only need to head to Titanbet Poker.com and click the link to start your Flash Poker experience.

The stylish and easy-to-use interface allows players to try their hands at a number of different play styles, including Hold'em, speed Omaha and even heads-up play, There are even links that allow users to join international tournaments, take advantage of special offers or sign up for a sit-and-go. From the central menu, players looking to enjoy a simple cash game can instantly see the stakes, number of players, average pot size and speed of action at a table before they login and take a seat.


Poker on the Go
One of the biggest advantages of Flash Poker over more traditional online poker clients is its versatility. With Titanbet Poker's Flash Poker web application, gamers can connect with their own personal accounts and funds wherever they go without having to download the client onto every computer they come across. This versatility means that players can take their game with them as they travel, and since the application allows players to turn their account to play money, they can even pass idle moments with a hand or two of Hold'em without worrying about losing money should they get distracted.


Big Things are Developing
Titanbet Poker's Flash Poker software was created by Playtech, one of the biggest names in online and mobile gaming development, and uses Adobe's ActionScript 3.0 language. This setup allows the client to offer SSL encryption to users, which provides a complex and secure connection that will give players peace of mind when they hit the virtual felt. Yet while this security is certainly a boon for players using the Flash Poker, the developers are not stopping there, and increased functionality and safeguards are on the horizon.


Tools of the Trade
While Flash Poker is an easy-to-use application that can be up and running in no time, players with older computers will want to be sure they are working with machines capable of running the game. Gamers, who will need to enable pop ups in their web browser to enjoy the game, will need to be running a 500 MHz or faster CPU, and Adobe Flash Player or higher.


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