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iPoker Network

Titanbet Poker is a proud member of the iPoker Network, the world’s largest network of online poker rooms. The network attracts players from all over the world, including players from Titanbet Poker, the leading regulated and licensed online poker room in the United Kingdom.

Being part of this network of iPoker sites and rooms gives players playing at Titanbet Poker a huge advantage, extra benefits, and large guaranteed prize tournaments and promotions.

The main advantage of a network of poker rooms is that it creates a large liquidity of players. This enables the network to stage tournaments with huge guaranteed prizepools, something that an individual poker room would not be able to do on its own. Having a large pool of players also ensures that cash games and tournaments take place at all hours of the day and night, and that there are players at all skill levels, and with bankrolls of different sizes.

There are many rooms on the iPoker Network (www.ipoker.com), and some of them are quite small and inconsequential, but Titanbet Poker is one of the more established rooms, one that offers innovative promotions and benefits in addition to those run by the network.

Even so, players are extremely excited about the iPoker activities, which include not only the wide variety of sit ‘n’ go tournaments, multi-table tournaments, and cash games, but also unique promotions available to players making deposits or earning Points. An increasingly attractive offering of freerolls, with seasonally variety, caters to the desires and preferences of players at all skill levels and bankrolls.

The iPoker Network rooms feature the outstanding, and regularly updated user-friendly software developed and maintained by Playtech, the world’s leading gaming software company. As a result, players enjoy new features and formats, all of them serving to improve the game playing environment


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Source Based Rake

Although it means nothing to players, because the rake taken at each cash game continues at the same rate as always, the iPoker Network awards rake to each member cardroom according to an allocation system know as Source Based Rake (SBR). What this means, in short, is that losing players are, in the long run, more valuable to the cardroom than their actual rake generated while winning players, who rarely deposit and quickly cash out their winnings, are worth less.

Source Based Rake, which traces funds from the depositing player all the way until those funds are cashed out of the system, reflects the true value of players. This system gives more value to those who deposit more, and less value to those who deposit less.

If a single, standalone operator tracks rake, there would be less of a need for Source Based Rake as all funds remain at that individual cardroom. But in the framework of a network of rooms, Source Based Rake is essential as some rooms have more depositing players than others.

Rewarding players who deposit more, yet win less, results in their staying at the tables longer. This sort of rake allocation also encourages new players to join the cardroom.

Titanbet Poker is proud of its membership in the iPoker Network, a partnership which enables the Source Based Rake system.


Single Tier of Players

Previously, the iPoker Network divided its poker rooms into two tiers for cash game play. The reasoning for this was that certain rooms were offering their existing players huge rakeback deals without devoting any resources to marketing and bringing new players to the network. The two-tier policy, which went into effect in September 2012, was apparently successful as three years later, the status of the network was such that a two-tiered listing of rooms was no longer necessary.

In August 2015, the two tiers of iPoker rooms (and therefore their players) were merged into one liquidity pool. This move served to further identify the iPoker Network as a home for friendly, recreational play. And as a result of this move, there are more players available to sit down at the tables. The entire network is now a better, friendlier home for recreational players.


ipoker networkPlay poker on the iPoker Network

As described above, playing poker at one of the iPoker sites and rooms is the best way to have a fun, friendly game with recreational players like yourself from all over the world. To get started on iPoker download the Titanbet Poker client, register your account, and sit down at the tables. You will find that there is no “I” in “team”, but there is an “I” in iPoker, so you can call it the I Poker network – your home for online gaming.

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