8 Most Popular Poker Articles of 2015

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As the year 2016 begins, a year offering huge promise to poker aficionados around the world, we take a look back at our most popular poker articles from last year. If you missed any of these fascinating poker-related features, take a look now. These articles have attracted thousands of readers, a fact that proves their popularity. Here is our list, from least to most popular poker article for the year:


old hand8) "An Old Hand" Poker Comic. It’s always amusing to read comics, but comics devoted to the game of poker are few and far between. We’ve presented a number of poker comics to you over the years and our most recent one will definitely add a bit of laughter to the serious game of poker. The talented team of writer Kate Queen and cartoonist Jack Tzekov present you with “An Old Hand”.


sport7) Is Poker a Sport? Ever since the first hand of poker was dealt in New Orleans, it’s been called many things. The most popular label is that poker is ‘a game’ but others have called it a form of entertainment. But, more and more these days you see poker described as something entirely different - a sport. Ross Jarvis gives us his take on this interesting argument.


etiquette6) Poker Etiquette. Good manners at the table will improve your game, and this article will tell you how. Etiquette is defined as the rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave. This rule applies to poker players as well. Why should you care about being polite, about keeping poker decorum? Find the answer in Robert Woolley's fascinating article about Poker Etiquette.


aggressive5) Why a Hyper Aggressive Approach to MTTs Really Works. When implemented properly, a hyper-aggressive approach can be quite profitable for you at the tables. However, does this principle work in both cash games and at tournaments? Ivan Potocki gives examples of hyper-aggressive poker players and how their regular involvement in big pots frequently results in their winning big pots.


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twitch4) Is Twitch TV the Next Big Thing in Poker? It’s hard to go anywhere in poker without hearing someone mention Twitch TV. Twitch TV is a very divisive new innovation in poker; not everyone really understands it…..yet. Poker writer/editor Barry Carter explores the impact that Twitch is having on poker, and its potential for drawing a whole new audience to the game.


3) How to Make the Most of Your Poker Travels. Poker players compete in tournaments and events all over the world, but do they know how to make the most of their poker travels? Jennifer Newell relates stories of some players who travel to play the game.


pool2) 10 Professions that Make Great Poker Players. If you work as an attorney, what are your chances of becoming a good poker player? If you are an athlete, can you take your competitive spirit and compete in the same way at the tables? Jason Kirk tells us that some professions are more suitable than others for poker careers.


dealer1) What’s the Deal with Poker Dealers? One may think dealing cards is easy. There is something fascinating about the way poker dealers shuffle, pitching cards one by one with well-practiced techniques. But what does it take to be a good dealer? Czech freelance writer/journalist Liba Foord gives us the lowdown of this often overlooked profession.


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