1-2-3 Finish in Double Stack Tournament

Posted by Steven, June 17, 2012


Titanbet PokerPlayers who enjoy maximum poker action for minimum expense favor Titanbet Poker’s double stack tournaments. A perfect example of this is Saturday night’s $10,000 GP Double Stack tournament, which kicks off at 20:45 GMT+1. Players start with 10,000 chips and levels last 15 minutes.

Last night, only 89 players participated in this weekly $100 + $9 freezeout tournament and the action lasted over eight hours. The top three places were claimed by Titanbet Poker players.

When three-handed play began, Australian “StevoL” had a slight advantage in chips over his final two opponents, fellow Aussie “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” and “KASABIANLSF” from the U. K. The lead changed back and forth for the course of 35 hands.


Straight to the tournament win

On a crucial hand that would determine the tournament outcome, short-stacked “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” pushed all-in with A♦ 5♦, and he was called by “StevoL”, who held pocket aces. The flop didn’t provide any help as it came down as a rainbow 7 9 K. An eight appeared on the turn, giving “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” hope for exactly the six that would appear on the river.

The straight sent “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” far into the lead and crippled “StevoL”. On the very next hand, the pocket aces were received by “KyrgyzNutsaaaa”, and he easily knocked “StevoL” out in third place for a $1,400 prize.

Heads-up play lasted for six hands, and “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” took the win on an unlikely hand of 3♣ 6♣. “KASABIANLSF” held K♥ 9♥, and the flop came 3 K 6. “KASABIANLSF” checked with his pair of kings and “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” made a small bet with his two pairs. “KASABIANLSF” raised, and “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” re-raised. “KASABIANLSF” went all-in and “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” called.

The turn and river didn’t help either player as they fell 5 and ten, so the two pairs held. For his tournament win, “KyrgyzNutsaaaa” received $2,750 while “KASABIANLSF” settled for $1,850 in second place.

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