Achieve Top VIP Status at Turbo Speed!

Posted by Steven, June 3, 2012


Turbo VIPA special offer available during the month of June enables players to achieve Titan Annual Diamond VIP status much faster than ever before. Usually players must earn 100,000 during a period of three consecutive months to achieve this elite status, but with the Turbo VIP offer, reaching the top VIP status is now possible during June itself.

Players who earn 50,000 Points during the month of June will be rewarded with Titan Annual Diamond VIP status. Not only do they not need to earn 100,000 Points, but they also don’t need to wait until the completion of a three month eligibility period.

As an extra benefit, all players who achieve 50,000 Points during June will also receive a $300 cash bonus at the beginning of July, with no strings attached.

Upgrades to Titan Annual Diamond VIP status will be made for eligible players on July 1st.

What’s so good about Titan Annual Diamond VIP status?

Players with Titan Annual Diamond VIP status earn double Club Points for every Titan Point they generate at the tables and tournaments, no matter how many Titan Points they earn in a given month.

Players at Titan Annual Diamond VIP level are also entitled to take a short vacation from their poker play without affecting their elite VIP status. Once a player reaches Titan Annual Diamond VIP status, there are no monthly Points requirements necessary to retain the level until the end of the year.

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