Top Poker Fashion Styles Seen at the Tables

Posted by Steven, February 13, 2013


Fashion is a general term for the kind of clothing and/or accessories that are popular, and for many, staying in fashion is very important. You never want to show up wearing the wrong thing to an important event. If you play poker, there are poker fashion considerations as well. You don’t want to gamble with your poker table wardrobe in the same way you’re gambling with your money.

Take a close look at the top fashion styles you’ll see in the card rooms and you’ll quickly learn what the latest poker fashion trends are. For some players, maintaining a unique poker fashion style is part of their persona and may very well be intended to intimidate the competition.


Poker Clothing

As many poker players don’t seem particularly dressed up when they take their seats at the poker tables, one wonders whether their choice of poker clothing serves any special purpose. Many players, however, have particular pieces of clothing that they never fail to wear. Some players constantly wear the same T-shirt they were wearing when they enjoyed poker success in the past. Others know that they could get photographed while playing, so they make sure their poker apparel makes them look okay. But it’s not just about creating the right look. Poker fashion also has a function. The clothing and accessories you wear can send a message to your opponents and possibly help you emerge as a winning player.


Poker Hoodie

Lots of poker players wear hooded sweatshirts, and many of them wear their hoods up even when playing indoors. It’s not because casino card rooms are chilly (though they definitely can be), it’s because it helps hide their facial expressions. A hoodie covers both sides of your face and makes you more aware of how you’re holding your head, as the hood moves with you. Wearing a hoodie can greatly cut down on other players picking up on your tells.

poker hoodie

Poker Hats

Lots of players wear hats and caps at the poker table, because these partially help hide your face as well. A cap with a bill shades your eyes, which can give away important information about your hand to other players. Some of the poker hats bear the logos of popular poker rooms, while others may represent sports teams.



2004 WSOP Main Event winner Greg 'the Fossilman' Raymer is famous for wearing his strange shades at the poker table, but he’s not the only player who chooses to hide his eyes. This is the main function of sunglasses around the poker table, but they’re also a great way to make a fashion statement. High-price, expensive glasses will show others that you mean business and know how to follow fashion trends. Remember not to get overly dark glasses, because you need to be able to see your cards.

Should sunglasses be allowed at the poker tables? Read about the great poker glasses debate.


Lucky Fashion

Many professional poker players are superstitious, and quite a few of them bring lucky trinkets to the tables with them. Instead of carrying your lucky trinket, wear it. Lots of people have lucky T-shirts, lucky earrings, lucky watches or hats, even lucky underwear and socks. Many players even have special poker accessories like card guards. You'll see lots of wearable luck sitting around the poker table. When you feel lucky, you play with more confidence.


Collars and Scarves

Many poker players wear clothing with high collars, or add a scarf to their poker fashion. They're not doing it to keep their necks warm. High collars and scarves are a great way to cover your face and hide your expressions from other players. But beware...playing with your scarf or collar too much can serve as a poker tell.


What Not to Wear

You’ll see a lot of poker fashion styles at the tables. Poker rooms are commonly chilly, so players wear warm clothing, even in the summer months. It is not advisable to wear a lot of jewelry, because you might find yourself playing with your rings and bracelets when you’re feeling nervous.

What about women players? Are there particular clothing items they should refrain from wearing? While wearing low-cut blouses and skimpy T-shirts may distract the male players, it is not particularly the way that women poker players should demonstrate their abilities to win the game.


Many players make poker fashion statements by their choice of apparel and accessories. If you’re wondering what to wear when you go to a casino or poker tournament for the first time, the best suggestion is to wear comfortable clothes, as you’ll be sitting at the table for a long time. If you win big, your poker fashion style selection may end up being imitated by poker players all over the world.

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