Titans Dominate Biggest Tournaments

Posted by Steven, June 5, 2012


Sunday BlastTitanbet Poker players took the top positions at all the biggest weekend tournaments, from the Friday $60,000 Guaranteed to the $200,000 Sunday Blast. Titan players dominated the events, in most cases finishing in second place as well.

The strong weekend showing began on Friday night, when Australian player “Screechx” outlasted a playing field of 244 starters to take first place in the Friday $60,000 Guaranteed. The Australian’s final opponent in the event was fellow Titan, “Palau777” from Germany. Going into heads-up play, “Screechx” had a 4-1 advantage in chips, but it took 74 hands until he was able to eliminate the German, finding a three on the flop for his K 3 pocket cards against the J 9 of hearts held by “Palau777”. “Screechx” received $12,270 for first place and “Palau777” received $9,000 for finishing second.

On Saturday night it was time for “tttexa” from the Ukraine to show his tournament skills, as he beat out the starting field of 332 players in the $40,000 GP Freezeout to win first place and its $7,700 prize.

Sunday night’s $200,000 Guaranteed was staged as the $200,000 Sunday Blast, with a reduced buy-in of $100 + $9, 50% off the usual entry price. A total of 1,934 players hit the virtual tables and the tournament lasted over 11 hours. When the final table stage was reached, four Titanbet Poker players were ready to pick up the top prizes.

Titanbet Poker’s “iCoy” from Sweden was eliminated in 8th place when he called and went all-in on A K diamonds pre-flop and his opponent was able to convert a 8 4 bluff into a pair of fours. “iCoy” received a $3,400 prize.

Next to go from the Titanbet Poker delegation was Canadian “Ponga1980” who was eliminated in 5th place when his pocket eights ran into pocket kings. “Ponga1980” received a prize of $9,000.

Titanbet Poker’s “Cransley69” (United Kingdom) busted in third place when his J 9 saw two pair on an A A J flop. He ran into Swedish player “erihed007” who had A Q for three of a kind. Third place was worth a prize of $18,000 for “Cransley69”. A short while later, “erihed007” knocked out his final opponent to take the tournament’s first place prize of $32,000.

The dominance of Titanbet Poker players continued at the $40,000 GP High Roller Monday. Outlasting a small field of just 77 players, Canadian “tedl0gan” took first place for a prize of $12,000, followed by fellow Titan “D1sAstRWeeeeE” (Luxembourg), who finished 2nd for a prize of $8,000.

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