Poker Comic "An Old Hand" Is Good for a Poker Laugh!

Poker comic "An Old Hand" is a hilarious poker story based on a home poker game at, well, you will discover where this round of poker is being played by reading the comic. One thing is for sure - you will be quite amused by the regulars at the table and how they deal with a new player (pun intended) and their poker hands.

"An Old Hand" was written by Kate Queen and the drawings were done by our talented contributor Jack Tzekov.

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"An Old Hand" poker comic. Meet the regulars at the weekly game. There's Pat with the pocket aces; Clarence the Card Counter; Harvey the Hellhound; Betty the Bombshell; and Stan the Sucker.

And then one day, a new guy rolls to the table on his wheelchair."Got room for one more?" he asks.

The regulars, thinking they can clean out this old guy's bankroll in no time, invite the newcomer to join them.

But when the cards are dealt and revealed, the wheel-chaired player has quite a surprise for the game's regulars!

If there is this much humour in a poker comic about a game of poker, can you imagine what a poker cartoon would be like if it dealt with poker tournaments (pun intended).

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Jack TzekovJack Tzekov is an art director, graphic and web designer and illustrator who works at Bearbrook Studios. He atttends the Academy of Art University and lives in Ottawa, Canada.


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