Beginners Brawl

Beginners Brawl

Battle Your Way to the Top

Sharpen your poker skills and earn cash prizes as you compete against other poker rookies in the Beginners Brawl.

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Clash with Other Beginners and Claim the Top Prize!

Calling all new Titanbet Poker players! Raise your fists and prepare to fight to the finish in the Beginners Brawl. Play against poker rookies just like you and battle for the top cash prize!

Questions? We've got answers!
Who is eligible? Titanbet Poker players who signed up in the last 90 days.
What do I do? Play at the Poker Beginners cash tables* and generate as many raked hands as possible.
What can I win? Cash prizes of up to $40 will be awarded to any player who has accumulated at least 100 raked hands.
Promotional Period The Brawl runs weekly, Monday (12am UK Time) - Saturday (11:59pm UK Time). Battle your way to the top every week!

* Open the Titanbet Poker software and go to Special Offers >> Beginners Races Tables.


Check your status:

Have you reached 400 raked hands? Check your status in the current Beginners Brawl Leaderboard, or click here to see previous results.


Beginners Brawl Prize Structure

Number of Raked Hands Cash Prize
100-124 $1
125-149 $1.50
150-174 $2
175-199 $2.50
200-224 $3
225-249 $3.50
250-274 $4
275-299 $4.50
300-324 $5
325-349 $5.50
350-374 $6
375-399 $6.50


The Beginners Brawl Leaderboard

Reach 400 raked hands and brawl with the top rookies in the Beginners Brawl Leaderboard. Climb up the standings and collect your share of $400 in cash prizes!

Position Cash Prize
1st $40
2nd $32
3rd $28
4th $24
5th $20
6th-9th $16
10th-15th $12
16th-30th $8


Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is only valid for new players who signed up within the last 90 days. Once a player signs up, he/she has 90 days to be eligible for the promotion. On day 91, they may no longer play in beginners tables and will no longer be eligible for this promotion.

  2. Prizes will be awarded to the players based on the payout structures described above.

  3. Only raked hands generated at beginners cash tables will count towards this promotion.

  4. Player will need to rake at least 100 hands during the promotional period in order to be eligible for a prize.

  5. Leaderboards will be updated automatically, approximately every 30 minutes. Titanbet Poker will not be responsible for any errors or downtimes that might occur and thereby delaying the update every 30 mins.

  6. All races are as per Titanbet Poker server time (UK Time).

  7. A Raked Hand is any hand in ring game play in which a player participates by contributing to the pot, either by posting a blind or a bet, and rake is generated.

  8. Titanbet Poker reserves the right to refuse payment to any player who is found colluding.

  9. Prizes will be issued up to 72 hours after the weekly race has completed.

  10. This promotion is only available to persons who are 18 years old and older and are residents of the UK.

  11. All decisions made by Titanbet Poker are final.

*All cash tables with the word “Beginner” as part of the table name are included in this promotion.

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