Responsible Gaming

It's important for us at Titanbet to provide you with a responsible gaming environment as we strive to maintain a two way relationship with our customers based on trust.

We want you to enjoy the full experience we have to offer, but always to do so wisely and within your budget. As part of an overall positive gaming experience, it is also important that you be fully aware of how we maintain the fairness in our games.

At Titanbet, we have a reputation in the gaming community as one of the leaders in responsible gaming. As such, we have installed several controls to ensure responsible gaming at all times. These measures enable you to put your mind at rest while enjoying all that we have to offer. Our responsible gaming ensures:

  • There are no players under 18 years of age
  • You can prevent certain members of your family from gambling
  • There are no illegal players
  • Our software is fair in all our games
  • We follow a Code of Regulations in administering our games

At PT Entertainment Services Limited we are strongly committed to our players, both in ensuring their enjoyment of our games and also in making sure they have the tools they need to control their gambling. As such, the following options are available to you so that you can make sensible decisions about your gaming experience:


If you decide you want to take a break from gaming, our site offers you facilities to enable that decision. Our 'Time-out' option allows you to disable your account for a short period of time - from one hour and up to 6 weeks – according to your choice. If you hold additional accounts with PT Entertainment Services Limited or with other online gaming operators, we strongly advise you implement the ‘Time-out’ option for those accounts as well.
Once the time-out begins, you will not be able to play and/or make a deposit into your account. These restrictions will remain in effect during the entire period you specified. Your account can only be reactivated when the time-out period ends. Time-out will continue until you are ready to resume your gaming activities with us.
The Time-out option is located under the 'My Account' tab. Simply click on 'Responsible Gambling' and choose 'Time-Out'.


If you want to take a longer break than what our time-out facilities allow, you can select a self-exclusion period - from six months and up to five years. Once the self -exclusion begins, you will not be able to play and/or make a deposit into your account. Your account can only be reactivated when the self- exclusion period ends.PT Entertainment Services Limited will strive to detect and disable any new accounts you may try to open.
If you hold additional accounts with other online gaming operators, we strongly advise you to self-exclude yourself from those accounts as well. The Self-exclusion option is located under the 'My Account' tab. Simply select 'Responsible Gambling' and choose “Self-exclusion”.


The 'Deposit Limit' facility allows you to place a cap on how much money you can deposit into your account. You can create different caps depending on the duration of your decision. Available options are: one day, one week, and 30-day caps.
The limits you place on your deposit amount can be increased 24 hours after making your request and after you’ve confirmed that you wish to proceed with the increase of your deposit limits. If you want to lower the limits, this can be done at any time and will take effect immediately.
You can set and change deposit limits from the 'My Account' tab by choosing 'Deposit Limits'.



In order to ensure a positive, long-lasting relationship with our players, we maintain a fair, transparent and secure gambling environment. To show you just how seriously we take this into account, we decided to put words into action. Titanbet offers a unique betting and financial history feature, where you can get all the information on every wager you have placed, including the date and time, amount wagered, winnings, and detailed game results. The financial history gives you the full history on all deposits and withdrawals from your account. Both of these features can be accessed at any time while online.

Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC)

We are Licensed by the Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission, an international gaming Licensing and regulatory authority. Their regulations state, in part: The regulations are designed to ensure that all interactive gaming and gaming related activities satisfy four basic principles:

1. License holders, its associates and key persons have met corporate and personal probity and are suitable to operate.
2. The software, which makes the odds for games played on this site, meets internationally and recognized standards for fairness.
3. Operators systems are not used as a source for crime.
4. Players are treated fairly and winnings are paid according to the interactive gaming and wagering regulations.



Gambling under the age of 18 is against the law in all jurisdictions and at Titanbet we have imposed strict measures to prevent it. This logo is proudly displayed on our website to acknowledge the effort and responsibility we take to prevent underage gambling.




We strongly advise our players not to gamble unless they know the facts. Being responsible about gambling means knowing whether to gamble and when, and how much money or time to spend at the tables.

Click here for more information about Gamble Aware.


Gaming Labs International

Gaming Labs International is a well-known and respected statistical and technical software testing firm. They test our poker RNG and casino games payout to industry-standard levels of fairness and accuracy, and issue letters of RNG evaluation and casino games payout calculation for sites that satisfy these stringent standards.

All our gaming software is written by Playtech, the leading software provider in the gaming industry. Therefore, the GLI RNG evaluation and casino games payout calculation letters feature Playtech's name. As a Playtech client, we use their software without alteration.

Click here to view our GLI RNG evaluation letter (pdf)

Click here to view our Casino Games Payout Calculation (pdf)



The popularity of sports betting, casino games and other forms of online betting is constantly growing with a continuous increase in the number of players every year. Online gambling has become an integral part of many people's day to day life, from which they draw a great deal of pleasure. The problem arises when this harmless form of entertainment ceases to be played in moderation, and is pushed to the extreme. In a Gaming Addiction a person's life may be dominated by games of chance. He or she may use gaming as a means of escaping possibly unresolved problems or inner conflicts. A person addicted to gaming could have many unconscious motives, and though winning money is a strong incentive, it is only one of many.

Gamblers Anonymous are well known for their responsibility and support for those with gambling problems. If you feel you need help, don't hesitate to contact them. They can help you get back on the right track.



If you think your gaming behaviour may be problematic, test yourself on this Gamblers Anonymous Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Most compulsive gamblers answer yes to at least seven questions.

1. Did you ever lose time from work or school due to gambling?
2. Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?
3. Did gambling affect your reputation?
4. Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
5. Did you ever gamble in order to pay debts or solve financial difficulties?
6. Did gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?
7. After losing, do you feel an urgency to immediately win back your losses?
8. After a win did you have a strong urge to return and win more?
9. Did you often gamble until your last dollar was gone?
10. Did you ever borrow to finance your gambling?
11. Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?
12. Were you reluctant to use "gambling money" for normal expenditures?
13. Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?
14. Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned?
15. Have you ever gambled to escape worry or trouble?
16. Have you thought about or committed an illegal act to finance gambling?
17. Did gambling cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
18. Do life's frustrations create an urge within you to gamble?
19. Does gambling sound like a good way to celebrate good fortune?
20. Have you ever considered suicide as a result of your gambling?



Important: If you are concerned that your children have access to gambling sites or other inappropriate material online, you can restrict access to such sites by using one of the many Internet filter programs available, such as Net Nanny, CyberSitter, CyberSnoop, CyberPatrol.



A number of parental filtering solutions can be used to monitor or restrict access to the internet such as: - filtering software that protects children from inappropriate web content. - filtering software which allows parents to add their own sites to block. - internet filtering, blocking and monitoring software for Windows


If you feel that you are tending towards extreme gaming, we recommend that you make use of the option to block your account as part of our measures to prevent gaming addiction. Customers who block their account will no longer be able to deposit funds into their account or take advantage of our offers.

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