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What is RSS?

RSS (really simple syndication) is a web feed format that delivers new, updated content in a standardized format. It is not hard to understand how RSS works. As a user, you subscribe to the RSS feeds that you want and read the content either in an email message or as part of a formatted feed. Subscribing to an RSS feed saves you from having to visit all of the websites that interest you and instead allows you to read the content that is pushed to your email/browser when it becomes available.


RSS iconThe RSS icon is easily recognized and indicates that a website has an RSS feed, to which you can subscribe. Using Internet Explorer, look for the icon to the right of the browsing tabs. In Firefox, click Bookmarks to see the “Subscribe to this Page” option.


What RSS feeds does Titanbet Poker offer?

RSS News Feed = This is a poker feed that is updated five times a week with news about the latest promotions, tournament results, player achievements, new offers, software improvements and upcoming events. Click the title to subscribe to this feed.

RSS Tournament and Promotions Feed = This poker RSS feed is updated regularly with information about newly launched promotions and tournaments. Click the title to subscribe to this feed.


How do you subscribe?

It is very easy to know how to use RSS feeds and even simpler to subscribe. By clicking on a feed, you will come to its main page with all recent content updates. You will see an option to subscribe to the feed and a list will be provided with available applications to handle your subscription.

Subscribe to the RSS Feed

Subscribe by email = You can subscribe to an RSS feed using your email client. For example, Microsoft Office Outlook and Thunderbird support RSS feeds. When new items are published to the feed to which you’re subscribed, you will get a message by email with a brief summary of the latest content. You will be able to click from the email to the full content on the website.

Subscribe with popular web-based applications = You can subscribe to an RSS feed with popular applications such as Google or My Yahoo. Google offers two different ways to subscribe, either by adding the requested RSS feed to your Google homepage or by adding the new feed to your Google Reader. My Yahoo allows you to personalize your homepage with the content you’ve selected. In both Google and My Yahoo, as well as in other applications, you will get a brief summary or headline of the requested content and you will be able to click to the full content on the website.

Subscribe with your browser = In Internet Explorer, you can see a list of your subscribed feeds under the Favorites section of the Favorites Bar. In Firefox, you can select Live Bookmarks and the requested feed will appear on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

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