Sam "JstLikeThat101" Dearman Scores Another Big Win

Posted by Bradley, December 17, 2014

Sam Dearman is not a newcomer to our tournament winners' circle. In July we featured Sam, who plays at the Titanbet Poker tables under the nickname "JstLikeThat101", after he won the Super Tuesday tournament for a first place prize of €6,056. Just two weeks ago on December 1st, Sam finished 2nd in a field of 210 players competing in the WS - €25,000 Grand Monday tournament and scored a €4,527.60 paycheck.

Sam displayed his excellent poker skills again last week when he outlasted a field of 146 starters to take down the €10,000 Grand Thursday poker tourney to score a €2,695 first place prize.

Sam Dearman poker player from the UK "JstLikeThat101"

We spoke to Sam after his latest success, to learn about his poker career, the strategy he employed to win the tournament, and his future plans. Sam told us, in response, that Titanbet Poker has "the best customer service over every other site."

Our interview with Sam Dearman:

Q: What do you do? How long have you been playing poker for and how did you start?

Sam: I am a poker pro ( since 2010), introduced to the game in 2006 when I was 17 during my last year of Highgate school in north London where we played for small stakes. I transitioned to real money micro stakes cash games on PartyPoker when I turned 18. Worked my way up to 400nl in late 2008 where I grinded on Full Tilt Poker. I took shots at 1k nl in 2009 but that didn't go too well. I finally established myself as a 1k and 2k nlh cash reg by 2011 ( my winningest year ) playing the biggest games on Titan Poker under the alias 'ILoveNuts'. I transitioned to MTTs in 2013 as cash games were getting super tough and wait lists tilted me and I found MTTs less stressful and more fun (and MTT strategy was a new challenge for me to try and beat). I swapped action with another poker pro who won huge in a tournament in 2013 for over $850k which boosted my bankroll further. My hobbies include doing road trips with my girlfriend, watching/ betting on MMA.

Q: Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

Sam: No special strategy, just made as many good decisions at the table as possible, both pre and post flop. Knowing which spots to go for steals and how you perceive other players at the table will act to this is important.

Q: Are there any key moments you remember from the tournament?

Sam: This was a 6-max tourney so I drew on my 6-max cash game experience to crush the early levels of this tournament and was put on some quite weak tables which was nice to build a stack. The great structure of Titanbet Poker MTTs allowed me to play deeper stack poker with my opponents which gave me an edge. I tend to remember the hands I played badly or chickened out in. The final table had 1 other player who made my life difficult - he was very aggro and bluffed me off some hands and the chip lead alternated between us while other players attempted to ladder. A decisive moment was when I used his aggression against him to double up when it was 3 handed. I was in the SB with KK. Aggro big stack opened btn. I decided just to call both to allow the small stack in the BB to shove with worse and to disguise the strength of my hand. Flop Q 9 3 rainbow . I decide to lead for half pot both to induce a bluff raise which I thought was likely given our history and also to get value from worse hands that might not c-bet. Sure enough he raises quite big. I call, continuing my trap. He has just over a pot-sized bet behind. I check blank turn - he  makes a big pot committing bet and I snap get it in. He had JTo and it didn't get there on the river. This ultimately set me up for the win.

Q: What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Sam: This score will go towards travelling with my girlfriend. We have already been on 2 epic trips, and we plan to do a 3rd in September 2015.

Q: Do you have any advice for other players?

Sam: Advice to new players playing MTTs would be to be aware of table dynamics - is there a player taking liberties stealing too much? Are players calling down too light? Folding too much? These are all questions which you need go work out and then use your skills to exploit, especially when down to the last few tables when these reads are more important.

Q: What feature/promotion/tournaments do you really like about TitanBet Poker?

Sam: I like the structure of the MTTs on Titanbet Poker and its new simplicity in terms of buyins and guarantees. I like the daily big guarantees. I think the software is solid but probably the best is that Titanbet Poker has by far the best customer service over every other site (I have played all main sites and dealt with their support) and I have never had cash-out issues. This is so important for a site for it to be popular and successful.

Super Tuesday Win for Sam "JstLikeThat101" Dearman

Posted by Bradley, July 30, 2014

Sam DearmanGoing into heads-up play in the Super Tuesday tournament on July 15th, Sam Dearman (UK), who plays at Titanbet Poker under the nickname "JstLikeThat101", had a 4-1 chip lead over his final opponent. There had been 160 players in the starting field of the €75 re-buy event, and only "BIGBLACKPOKE" stood in the way of a first place finish.

But a chip lead does not guarantee a quick victory. It took 66 hands of one-on-one poker before the final cards were dealt. "JstLikeThat101", who was ahead at this point by a 3-1 margin, despite having lost the lead at one time, raised with an unsuited K 6. "BIGBLACKPOKE" called all-in on a pair of sixes.

The flop came Js 9h Qs. When the ten of diamonds fell on the turn, giving "JstLikeThat101" a straight, his tournament win was sealed. For his first place finish, "JstLikeThat101" received €6,056, while "BIGBLACKPOKE" was compensated with €4,250 for second place.

"I entered the final table 2nd or 3rd in chips," Dearman told us after the win, "but I was badly crippled and went down to 10bbs with 8 players left in a blind vs. blind spot where I held Q3s on AQ3 flop vs. opponent's AQ. I subsequently won a crucial flip with 44 vs. AK when I bluff 4-bet shoved vs. an opponent who has been 3-betting me in position a few times. The pair held and I was back in contention."

Dearman said he didn't use any special strategy to win the tournament, but instead "just focused on spotting exploitable traits in my opponents and playing my hands the best I could."

Dearman, who is 25-years old, first played poker in 2006 and has been a professional player since 2009.

"I plan to play more MTTs with the prize money in the hope that I can win the Sunday Special or Sunday Prime one day!" he told us.

We asked him what advice he can give to other players.

"MTT poker is all about understanding the right spots to play aggressively and being able to change gears correctly in relation to table dynamics and the stage of the tournament. Being able to identify when to attempt to steal the blinds and antes is important, particularly in medium to short stack poker.

"Try not to autopilot decisions - poker is more fun and profitable when you give it some thought and are creative with your play," he told us.


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