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$12K New Depositors Token Package

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A total of NINE TOKENS to Freerolls offering $12,000 GTD cash!

Amount of Tokens Tournament Name Time Your Token Package
4 $250 EXCLUSIVE Freeroll (ME x 2) Every Tuesday at 6 pm (UK Time) Make your first deposit at Titanbet Poker, and receive your tokens instantly to your account. It really is that simple.
1 $10,000 Monthly Bonanza First Friday of every month at 7 pm (UK Time)
4 $250 SPECIAL Freeroll (ME x 2) Every Thursday at 6 pm (UK Time)

Find all tournaments in the $12K New Depositors Token Package under the ‘SPECIAL OFFERS’ tab in the software.

Terms and Conditions for the New Depositors Token Package

1. This offer is only valid to depositing players making their FIRST deposit at Titanbet Poker.

2. The entry tokens will be transferred to the player's account instantly once the deposit is made.

3. These tokens cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotion.

4. Token expiration dates are as follows:
$250 EXCLUSIVE Freeroll Entry Token - 2 month
$10K Monthly Bonanza Entry Token - 2 months
$250 SPECIAL Freeroll Entry Tokens - 2 months

5. Participation in these poker freeroll tournaments is subject to Titanbet Poker's standard terms and conditions.

6. Players who list the Titanbet Poker Bonus Code upon sign-up are eligible for extra benefits.

7. This promotion is only available to persons who are 18 years old and older and are residents of the UK.


Play a Freeroll Right Now - no strings attached

There are many free poker tournaments taking place at Titanbet Poker, and you don't have to be a first time depositor to enjoy the exciting action.

Want to play a FREEROLL right now? We stage $25 Booster Freerolls 6 times a day (1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12am, 2am UK time) - all you have to do is register your account and join the action - no deposit required, no strings attached. Ready? PLAY NOW!

Note: Booster Freerolls are open to new players in the first 90 days after registering their accounts. Players are eligible to play one Booster Freeroll in every 24 hour period.

For our biggest freeroll of the month, play the $10,000 Monthly Bonanza.



Questions and Answers about Poker Freerolls

What is a freeroll tournament?  As the name implies, these are tournaments that are free to enter and which award prizes to the winners. There are many varieties of freeroll tournaments at Titanbet Poker. Eligibility may depend on having fulfilled certain requirements.

Where did the term 'freeroll' originate? Many believe the term originated in Las Vegas in the 1950s, when casino guests were given a free roll of nickels to use at the slot machines.

Are freerolls the same as play money tournaments? In play money tournaments, prizes are awarded in play money. Freeroll tournaments, on the other hand, allow players to actually win real cash and prizes.

Are freerolls really free? Players do not have to pay a cash buy-in to participate in a freeroll, however, entries to some freerolls in the Titanbet Poker schedule are awarded only after a player makes a deposit; fulfills the terms of a poker promotion; or uses the appropriate tournament token.

Can players play all the freerolls at Titanbet Poker? There are many freerolls open to all players, but others are restricted, either by being private tournaments or by being available only to players meeting certain criteria, such as fulfilling the terms of a poker promotion. For example, the New Depositors Freerolls are only open to players who received entry tokens after making their first deposit.

How does one qualify for a freeroll? Check the terms and conditions for the specific freeroll you wish to play. Some require deposits while entry to others is awarded to players fulfilling the terms of a poker promotion.

Do all freerolls award cash prizes? While many freerolls award cash prizes, others are satellites awarding seats, or token entries, to bigger tournaments taking place in the Titanbet Poker schedule.

Are all freerolls played in Texas Hold'em? Some freeroll tournaments are available for those who prefer Omaha Poker. Check the Titanbet Poker software for the schedule of upcoming freerolls and the game played in each one.

Are all freerolls alike? In addition the to the game variety that may be different, some freeroll tournaments are played at a single table while others are multi-table events. In some freerolls an option to purchase additional chips or make a re-buy for cash is available. Some freerolls are played at tables with 9 players while other freerolls can be played at 6-handed tables, or even 3-player tables. Check the Titanbet Poker software for full details of upcoming freerolls.

How do freerolls work? Freerolls are played the same way as any other poker tournaments. All players start with the same number of chips and play continues until only player remains as the tournament winner.

Should one adopt a normal playing strategy when playing a freeroll? Please refer to the Freeroll Tournament Strategy section below.

How does a player benefit from playing freerolls? Playing freerolls give players a great opportunity to get used to the Titanbet Poker software. More importantly, playing freerolls enables players to get into the tournament action without risking any cash from their bankroll.

Why is it good to play freerolls? Same answer as the previous question.

How can one build a bankroll by playing freeroll poker tournaments? Winning cash prizes at freerolls enables players to start building up their bankroll with absolutely no risk.

Can one play freerolls on a mobile device or a tablet? Titanbet Poker freerolls are available there as well.

Is a freeroll hand the same as a freeroll tournament? No. A freeroll hand is a situation in a poker game where a player stands to win at least a split pot, if not the full pot, no matter what the final cards of the hand will be.

Why are freerolls offered at Titanbet Poker? Titanbet Poker is proud to include the best poker freerolls in its tournament schedule as part of its ongoing efforts to welcome new players and give them a chance to become acquainted with the software, enjoy the fast-paced thrills of tournament play, and also build up their bankrolls with absolutely no risk. Our Titan poker freerolls are an absolutely great way to improve one's poker skills.

What makes a good freeroll poker room? With the many freerolls listed in its tournament schedule, Titanbet Poker is an excellent home for recreational players and for anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill of online poker.


Want to play a FREEROLL right now? We stage Booster Freerolls 6 times a day - all you have to do is register your account and join the action - no deposit required, no strings attached. Ready? PLAY NOW!



The Pros and Cons of Playing Freerolls

While having the chance to win big without risking your own money is certain to grab most your attention, you should understand the ups and downs of this style of play.


  • Pro: They can be a great learning experience. Though the complete lack of risk and reward can make the action a bit like the Wild West, the presence of actual cash prizes makes most players think carefully before they make their moves. These tournaments also provide a perfect learning environment for novice players, as the prize money may inspire a more earnest style of play, but the relatively low rewards will keep more serious players from participating.
  • Con:They can last a long time. While, as a newcomer to the game, it's great to compete against players of your own skill level, playing freerolls can make for some lengthy showdowns on the virtual felt. Larger tournaments can last upwards of six hours and yield relatively weak payouts, making it seem you're playing a long time for very little reward.
  • Pro: Availability. Though freerolls aren't the most common form of tournament, you'll find that Titanbet Poker stages some of the best online poker free tourneys and the action is taking place round the clock. This means you'll have multiple chances to enter them and therefore more chances to win cash prizes.
  • Con: The value of prizes. Though there is something to be said of winning something for nothing, even a moderate risk can yield better results for novice players. The prize pools at these free tournaments typically will not very high, yet similarly sized buy-in tournaments can huge prize pools for the top finishing players.
  • Pro: Can help build a bankroll. A bankroll is the lifeblood of any poker player, and what better way to build your funds than by playing free tournaments. Freerolls offer you a great way to learn with absolutely no risk for the potential reward you will receive. Playing free tournaments can be an ideal way to build a bankroll from the ground up.
  • Con: Building a bankroll by playing for free can be frustrating. Be warned that the payouts in a free poker tournaments are typically reserved for the top few finishers. So depending on the size of the tournament field, there's a real chance that you could be playing for several hours with nothing to show for it. This can be particularly frustrating should you run up against the bubble. Finishing just outside the money is never fun, but at least you it didn't cost you anything but time.


Freeroll Tournament Strategy

Measured Recklessness - Playing in most professional tournaments is a matter of patience and timed aggression, and while these skills will be important during the later stages of a tournament, players who don't participate in the madness that defines the first several hands of free tournaments are setting themselves up for failure. With literally no risk involved, many players will spend the early stages recklessly going all-in at the first sign of paint, or a weak ace.

In a cash game, this strategy is sure to send you to the rails in a hurry. Yet when surrounded by players recklessly shoving their chips into the pot on every hand, there comes a time when you will have to gamble with them. In these situations, a medium pair, a strong ace or even suited connectors could be all it takes to double or triple up and remove the other wild players from the tournament.

Sense of Time - Perhaps more than real money tournaments, these free events can make players lose track of time. With the large fields and reckless competition, many players may find themselves sitting out a lot of hands, and with the crowd typically drawn to these tournaments (which primarily consists of amateurs and other inexperienced players) some decisions may take longer than they should.

With this in mind, less aggressive players will want to watch the clock to avoid being blinded out. Remember, those playing these free events tend to be on the reckless side, so it's best to pick your spot to pounce. However, you don't want to wait so long that you are left with barely anything by the time you catch a hand. If your stack starts to suffer, loosen your hand selection and take a chance - after all, you have nothing to lose.

Read Your Opponents - A skill that is not uniquely important to playing for free is the ability to read an opponent's strength or intention with a hand is of the utmost importance. Since these tournaments tend to draw a wild and reckless field, it's a wise decision to size up the competition to build your confidence at the table. This means paying attention to hands you aren't even playing to catch how your opponents act - and with the frequent all-ins you can expect from the early stages of these tournaments, you'll likely be able to see hands play out all the way through the end.

It's important to note, however, that the way a player handles the early rounds of a free tournament will not necessarily be how he or she handle the later stages. A lot of people look to build a stack in the early goings of the game, and then back off into a "turtle" defense strategy (one in which they tighten their hand selection substantially, often only playing hands when their position or starting hand favors them). This is a common sight at the freeroll tournament, and leads us to the next point.

A Calm Mind - Spending the first hour of a freeroll grinding through a sea of reckless all-in bets only to see the same players clam up and horde chips can be very frustrating. Combine that with the normal stress of the later stages of a poker tournament, and staying calm becomes an essential tool in your arsenal.

Whether it's taking a deep breath, a quick walk or a drink of water, you'll have to develop your own strategy for avoiding tilt. Frustration will cloud a players' judgment and can cause them to fritter away their chips on weak hands or frivolous calls. Find a way to chase the irritation away, or prepare to ride the rail with nothing to show for it.

The Bottom Line - Never bet more than you're willing to lose. Even the best players will taste defeat at one point or another, and overcoming that adversity is an essential learning experience for everyone.

Want to play a FREEROLL right now? We stage Booster Freerolls 6 times a day - all you have to do is register your account and join the action - no deposit required, no strings attached. Ready? PLAY NOW!



How to Register to a Freeroll

1.  If you haven't already done so, download Titanbet Poker for free and create an account.

2.  In the software lobby, click Tournaments and then All. Sort the tournaments by clicking Buy-in at the top of the second column so that all the online freerolls tournaments will be listed together. (See the screenshot below)

3.  Please note that eligibility to freerolls is determined by certain criteria, including but not limited to having recently made a deposit. Some freerolls are restricted by eligibility lists while others require passwords. Please take advantage of the freerolls available for all players.

4.  If your are eligible to play a freeroll, click the large Register Now button on the right side and get ready to participate in an amazing tournament, entirely for free.

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Want to play a FREEROLL right now? We stage Booster Freerolls 6 times a day - all you have to do is register your account and join the action - no deposit required, no strings attached. Ready? PLAY NOW!


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