UK Live Poker Tournaments Winners Map

Posted by Lee Davy, with graphics by Yun Ng, January 26, 2015

uk live poker tournaments winners map

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UK live poker tournaments winners map - UK poker players are amongst the most exciting, exhilarating and entrancing players in the world. The Global Poker Index (GPI) recently listed 25 players from the UK in its ranking of top 300 players worldwide - more than any nation other than the USA.

According to statistics pulled from the Hendon Mob poker database website, the UK Top 50 highest earners of live tournament poker have won $151,877,858 over the lifetime of the sport. Now that’s pretty impressive; but how does that titanic number break down?

Let’s take a look shall we. Take a look at the amazing infographic showing the UK live poker tournaments winners map!

The most successful of all live poker tournaments winners in UK history is Sam Trickett. With over $20m in live tournament earnings, a game that is at its very best, and youth on his side, it’s difficult to see anybody catching him for the next decade.

Trickett was able to overcome the dominance of Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot (who himself topped the rankings for the past 10-years), after four consecutive years 2010-2013 where he achieved seven figure annual income hauls. His biggest being in 2012 when he finished second to Antonio Esfandiari in the inaugural World Series of Poker (WSOP) Big One for One Drop, where Trickett won $10.1m without contributing a cent towards the $1m buy-in.


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There are four players from the East Midlands who contribute 18% of the wealth of the Top 50. Old school pros Julian Thew and Peter Costa, joined by two young pros that cut their teeth at the Dusk till Dawn (DTD) card room Simon Deadman and that man Trickett.

Those four East Midlands pros have earned $27m throughout their lifetime. With the South East region sitting in third with $16m in winnings, it’s difficult to see how Trickett and co will be ousted from that position any time soon.

The most prolific region is London. Nearly half of the Top 50 are from the English capital and at $61m they represent 40% of the total wealth in the UK. Triple Crown winner Roland de Wolfe sits on top of that pack with $5.3m in career earnings: Ram Vaswani ($3.5m), Neil Channing ($3.4m), Tony Bloom ($3.3m), and Mark Teltscher ($3.3m) also represent London in that Top 10.

The biggest surprise is the lack of Scottish players in the Top 50. With a population of 5.3m people, to only find the former European Poker Tour (EPT) champion, David Vamplew, in the Top 50 is a disappointment. Only Niall Farrell looks like he has the potential to make some headway in the next couple of years; Gordon Huntly is a regular on the European poker scene, but Fraser MacIntyre spends more time on his business dealings than racking up scores at the poker tables these days.

In contrast, the Welsh have a strong showing with $5.6m in combined winnings, contributed by Roberto Romanello ($2.9m) and Dave Colclough ($2.6m). The boys from the valleys making sure the Scots sit at the bottom of the table, although it’s worth noting that not one player from Northern Ireland has made the Top 50. Don’t expect the Welsh to rise too fast though. Colclough is no longer in the game, and another pretender to Romanello’s throne has yet to emerge from the green, green grass of home.

How do we expect these numbers to fluctuate in the future?

The biggest movers and shakers will come from the Super High Roller community. At present the mix of UK players playing at the nosebleed stakes seems to primarily be: Paul Newey, Talal Shakerchi, Sam Trickett, and Stephen Chidwick. I expect Paul Newey to lift the West Midlands above the North West in the coming years, and London, East Midlands and South East will all do well courtesy of big cashes from Trickett, Shakerchi and Chidwick.

Outside of the seven figure score merchants expect Chris Moorman & Toby Lewis to continue helping Chidwick drive up the scores for the South East, and Liv Boeree and Jack Salter doing likewise for London.

Simon Deadman is another player whom I believe will add a few more zeroes to the East Midlands numbers in the coming years. Deadman had his first million dollar year in 2014 and I expect many more from him in the future.

Another man to keep an eye on is John Eames. His recent victory at the WSOPC event in Las Vegas will give him the springboard needed to return to the European scene, and with the likes of Jake Cody and Matt Ashton in that North West segment, don’t be surprised to see them make a strong claim for the third place spot.

Outside of that there are heavy rumors that Ram Vaswani is readying himself for more touring now that his daughter is getting a little older. The Crazy Horse is the seventh most successful British player of all time, with $3.5m in live tournament earnings, and a heavier program could see him catching onto the coat tails of Cody, Moorman and Surinder Sunar.

Then you have the Asian Domination Sam Razavi. The Philippines based Southerner has just won the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Player of the Year (POY) award for the third consecutive year, and if he keeps going at the rate he is, then you could see him climbing the table.

Zimnan Ziyard is going to be taking his foot off the gas a little, and that will allow the likes of Paul Vas Nunes, Chris Brammer, Stuart Rutter and the UK GPI POY Oliver Price to perhaps overtake him.

But as with everything in poker, it all depends on the way the cards fall. We will never be able to predict the outcome of the deck, but we can predict that the future of UK poker is in great hands for many years to come. Live poker tournaments in the UK will continue to excite us thanks to the many talented poker players playing the game.

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