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Be part of the Titanbet Poker VIP Club to receive huge rewards, exclusive freerolls and special benefits.

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Titanbet Poker players have access to a premium and exciting VIP Club, offering a unique rewards program and one-of-a-kind special offers. 

Find out how you can maximize your games today!

VIP Program

There is no limit to your success at Titanbet Poker! We have made it easier than ever to get the most out of your games and earn cash back from your grinding!

Work your way through 6 VIP Levels by generating Titan Points and continue to unlock more and more perks and enter exclusive promotions.



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Titanbet VIP



Club Points

VIP Club









Daily Gemstone $100 Freeroll



Daily Gemstone $100 Freeroll



Daily Gemstone $100 Freeroll



Daily Gemstone $100 Freeroll

15,000 and up


Daily Gemstone $100 Freeroll
Gladiators Race

You can access the Titanbet Poker VIP Tournaments under the Special Offers >> Titanbet VIP Specials tab in the software , or take a look at what’s coming up in the schedules section.

Work your way up from VIP Topaz to VIP Diamond by generating Titan Points during your poker games. Your VIP level will be updated automatically so you can keep earning yourself more and more rewards.

When you reach your highest VIP level since starting to play at Titanbet Poker you will be guaranteed that VIP Level for the entire month to follow, giving you an extra month of maximum benefits.



Earning Points

When you play Titanbet Poker cash games and tournaments you instantly generate two kinds of Points:

Titan Points: Every player earns Titanbet Points equally when contributing money into the pot of a raked hand. Titanbet Points contribute towards and determine your VIP Level.

Club Points: Each VIP Level generates different amounts of club points determined by the levels BOOSTER factor. Club Points can be exchanged for cash and tokens in the club store. 


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Titan Points: Points are acquired relative to the amount of rake you contribute to a particular hand.  Generate more rake and get more Titan Points. 

Everyone can reach the top of the VIP Level ladder by generating Titan Points! The higher you climb, the greater your rewards are.

Players Rake/Tournament Fees Points
$1 17.6
€1 20
£1 22.8

Your account is automatically issued with Club Points each time you generate Titan Points. As you progress to higher VIP Levels, you will enjoy a bigger Club Points BOOSTER. Use your club points in the Club Store to get Cash Bonuses and Tournament Tokens. 

The Club Points BOOSTER helps get you bigger and bigger rewards as you play. Each VIP Level has its own booster value – the higher your VIP Level, the more Club Points you earn. 

For example:

You are a VIP Emerald player holding a Booster value of 1.2 and have just completed a cash game session generating 100 Titan Points. This means you also generated 120 Club Points.  Holding the exclusive VIP Level Diamond and playing a cash game session which also generates 100 Titan Points would reward your account with 150 Club Points.


Using your Club Points

Your hard earned Club Points are issued to your account automatically when generating Titan Points.

Use them to boost your bankroll with Cash Bonuses or exchange them for Tournament Tokens and grab a seat at your favorite table. 


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Swap your Club Points for cash:

Points Redeemed Reward Points for each reward dollar
4,500 $25 180
8,000 $50 160
14,000 $100 140
26,000 $200 130
50,000 $400 125
80,000 $800 100
140,000 $1,500 93
320,000 $4,000 80
600,000 $8,000 75


Swap your Club Points for tokens:

Points Redeemed Token Points per EUR Value
350 Points €1 Tournament Token 350 €1
600 Points €2 Tournament Token 300 €2
600 Points Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go Token 300 €2
800 Points €3 Tournament Token 267 €2
1,100 Points €5 Tournament Token 220 €5
1,100 Points Maui Jackpot Sit N Go Token 220 €6
1,900 Points €10 Tournament Token 190 €10
3,700 Points €20 Tournament Token 185 €20
3,700 Points Rio Jackpot Sit N Go Token 185 €20
5,400 Points €30 Tournament Token 180 €30
7,000 Points €40 Tournament Token 175 €40
7,000 Points Fort Knox Jackpot Sit N Go Token 175 €40
8,250 Points €50 Tournament Token 165 €50
12,000 Points €75 Tournament Token 160 €75
14,500 Points €100 Tournament Token 145 €100
21,000 Points €150 Tournament Token 140 €150
25,000 Points €200 Tournament Token 125 €200

Click here the Titanbet Poker VIP Club terms and conditions.

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