Davida Mintz, Poker Player and Poker Writer

Davida MintzDavida Mintz is a poker player and contributor to Titanbet Poker. A former television news reporter, Davida has interviewed presidential candidates and celebrities, even one serial killer. As a poker writer, she’s thrilled to add a World Series of Poker Main Event champion to that list.

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We are proud to list Davida Mintz as one of our contributing poker writers. Read her articles about poker:

Poker Therapy: How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Game
There's a major leak in your game and you have decided to do something about it. If your problem is emotionally based, poker therapy may solve it.

The Very Best Free Poker Apps and Free Poker Tools
Free poker apps and free poker tools can give you an advantage at the tables. A comprehensive study of best free poker software, poker apps, and poker tools.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Poker Players
The lifestyles of the rich and famous poker players certainly make one jealous. Do you dream of living the poker baller lifestyle? Take a look at the benefits!

Why Poker Superstitions Still Rule at Today's Games
Even in a game where skill determines winners, many well-known players carry lucky charms or engage in table actions proving their belief in poker superstitions.

How a Massage at the Table Can Increase Your Winnings
Studies show that massages are an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Getting a poker massage while you play could actually increase your winnings.

Why Poker Cruises Are Hot
A poker cruise gives you all the time you want to play poker, eat, sleep and play more poker. While other passengers go ashore for adventure, poker players stay aborad the ship to play poker.

High Roller Poker Takes on Australia
High roller poker players are going to Melbourne this month: the high-stakes capital of Australia. They’re making the trip for the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

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