Jack Tzekov, Professional Illustrator

Jack TzekovJack Tzekov is a professional Illustrator located in Ottawa, Canada, engaged in the field of Comic Books, Children Book Illustration, Posters and DVD Design. Jack has classical training in painting, Art History and works in both, traditional and digital media.

You can see more of his work on his Facebook page.

We are proud to list Jack Tzekov as one of our contributors. See his contributions and ilustrations about poker:

An Old Hand
The regulars get together for their weekly home poker game when a newcomer rolls up to the table in his wheelchair. Take a seat, they say.

The Fish from the Valleys
There is no poker without the fish from the valleys and their worldwide equivalents. This is where the real characters are born. Hilarious poker comic.

Poker Alice - Famous Frontier Gambler
Poker Alice was a real person, one of the most famous all-time women poker players who also was an independent businesswoman with a fascinating story.


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