Jason Kirk, Poker Writer

Jason KirkJason Kirk has been writing about poker since 2005 and has covered the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, and WSOP Circuit in various capacities for numerous outlets. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife of 10 years and two dogs.

We are proud to list Jason Kirk as one of our contributing poker writers. Read his articles about poker:

10 Professions that Make Great Poker Players
Would you consider switching professions into a poker career? Life transformations awaiting you could have amazing results. Some professions are more suitable for poker careers.

20 Poker Books Every Player Must Read
Poker books will help you improve your poker game, and also increase your knowledge of the poker culture that has grown up around the game throughout its history.

A Brief History of the WSOP
Avid poker players love to hear tales of World Series of Poker history and flock to Las Vegas with visions of becoming part of WSOP history themselves.

In Praise of Fixed Limit Poker
Far from slow or boring, fixed limit poker games pack a punch no matter what stakes you're playing. There are advantages in playing fixed limit poker.

How to Make the Perfect Poker Movie
Making great poker movies is tough. But evidence from Rounders and other prominent poker films shows it's possible if you combine the proper elements.

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