Rod Stirzaker, Journalist and Poker Player

Rod StirzakerRod Stirzaker is a journalist and poker player from the UK. He has spent the last 15 years travelling the world studying, playing and writing about poker. Rod enjoys writing about poker strategy, the history of the game, and its relevance to new technologies and trends. He has provided live coverage from the WSOP, the EPT, and many other big tournaments. Rod enjoys writing about how poker links to current popular trends, particularly online.

We are proud to list Rod Stirzaker as one of our contributing poker writers. Read his articles about poker:

Tips to Boost Your Bankroll
The more you play, the more you should be looking to improve, refine and develop your own style. These guidelines should give you some food for thought and provide a compass to navigate your way to increased profits at the felt.

The Poker Art of War
What have poker, armed combat and a 2,500 year old Chinese general called Sun Tzu got in common?  The answer is war, the poker art of war.

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